Thank you for your interest in Alexander HDD. We are a premier provider of directional drilling services in Canada, specializing in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Through our combined decades of experience, we are able to execute underground, trenchless installations across a wide variety of climatic, geographic, and geologic conditions.

Environmentally Focused, Customer Driven

Through our unique connection to the land, we put the safety of the environment and people before all else, at all times – no exceptions. We believe the way forward for responsible resource development, is to focus on the conservation of the environment, sound ecological practices, and meaningful consultations with all parties involved. We utilize the most advanced equipment available, pair it with some of the industry’s greatest minds to provide highly effective, cost-conscious, and efficient service to utilities, pipeline contractors, and facility constructors and operators.

Centrally Located

Through our offices and operations yard located in Morinville, AB, we can quickly mobilize anywhere in Western Canada. Our crews have recently completed jobs in Western Saskatchewan, Vancouver, B.C., and Edmonton, A.B. Contact us today to see how we can help you!