At Alexander HDD, we believe in providing professional services to all of our clients. In doing so, we recognize that the health and safety of both our employees and the surrounding community is of utmost importance. Through our pro-active training, safety systems, environmental stewardship, and experienced leadership, we can ensure high-quality work at all times. We believe the following four pillars form the foundation of our effective and efficient safety and environmental protection policies.

Our Four Pillars

The Environment

As First Nations peoples, we have a close connection to the land and Mother Nature. Protection of our pristine wilderness and boundless natural resources is pivotal to everything we do. In addition, we listen to, and work with, any affected people in the areas we are working in, along with integrating our environmental policies and programs with those of our customers.


We are members of multiple organizations that demonstrate our commitment to health, safety, and the environment and communities which we operate in and with.